Tuesday, June 10, 2008

camping trip to wanapum state park

Last Friday, I went camping with Kristen and Margo. We stayed at Wanapum State Park, near Vantage. on the State Park webpage they noted that the site could be windy. What an understatement! We got a good hike in and fire started then about 6 or so the wind started. It just blew harder and harder. We finally retreated to the tent to red etc till sleep time. I didnt' get much sleep. The wind was just too noisy. Finally got up and went to sleep in the car, which I did little of.

The site of the park is really nice and i think if the wind wasn't blowing it would be a lot of fun. Very nice place to swim on warmer days and the desert is nice there. The pinkish flower in the top photo is milkweed. Don't know the name of the yellow ones.

Petrified wood at Ginko interpretive center.

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