Thursday, January 10, 2008

our new equipal furniture

the top photo and bottom one show the furniture. middle is the kitchen part of this room. this furniture is great. very rustic. if you turn it over you can see that the seat is supported by a woven mat of some kind of natural cane type material and it is all fastened together with vines. the wooden pieces do have little nails in them. all the wood but the very bottom is hunacastle (not sure if that is spelled right) prounounced " wan a cost' lay" which is quite resistant to attack by bugs, especially termites which abound, to say the least in the area. i put a paste wax that smells like kerosene on it as best i could to help keep bugs away too. the leather has to be treated a few times a year. we got a 6 foot couch, a 5 foot couch and two large chairs (sort of in between loveseat and regular chair size) for $600 usd. not bad!

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