Tuesday, January 8, 2008

trying to get motivated on a cold january day

today i decided to write a little bit in here. first of all, is anyone out there? like does anyone check this? not that i have sent the address to many people. just wondered. it's been a bit of a struggle to get motivated since i got back from mexico. what is it about being able to get up and go outside and have your morning coffee on the deck or garden and watch the sun come up that makes a person feel so much cheerier about the coming day? i dont' know but i do know it makes a difference. this morning at 7:10 am i stuck my head out the door to see kris off to work and it was just plain old nasty out. thick rain showing in the street light glow and really quite cold. made me want to go back to bed which i did but couldn't sleep so just got up. it's about 1pm and i'm almost ready to face going down to work in my studio. not that the work is bad or the environment either. it's nice. i just have some perverse thing keeping me from going. so..........................here are a few more mexico photos.

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Louie said...

I'm out here! Looking in (occaisonally - not as often as I should, I fear!) So keep blogging - I do enjoy checking out your work and house in Mexico! And it's nice to have some commentary about the photos! Louie