Sunday, November 9, 2008


Yesterday as i was washing the dishes i happened to look out the window. there is a tall dead tree with a few branches at the top just down the hill a bit in the jungle. on top of one of the branches was a big lime green iguana. i suppose it was maybe a foot and a half to two feet long. it stayed up there for hours. i checked again in the afternoon and there was another one, a bit smaller and the same green up there. wow! i thought about how difficult it would seem to be for them to climb up there as they move pretty slowly and awkwardly up there. and probably even more difficult to get back down. i thought it would be fun to try to get a little video of them, if they would move that is. i went outside around the house and was about to turn the camera on them when the smaller one must have seen me and got frightened, though i don't know why as the other one watched me hang up clothes etc for a long time. the little guy just heaved him/herslef off the tree and leaped down into the jungle. hummmm.....slick and it never would have occured to me that would be the way to get off the tree.

we also have a big grey iguana living under our pumphouse. we think it drinks from the swimming pool as it comes out and heads over that way. yesterday the pool was empty so i took a bowl of water over by the hole it goes down in and sure enough it drank out of it.

there is some kind of fairly large lizard living in a pile of bricks beside the house too. i have not seen the whole lizard but have seen its tail. when it hears someone coming it apparently jumps headfirst into the brick holes but about 10 inches of its tail stick up in the air. when i first saw it i thought it was a stick but it looked a bit weird and on closer inspection i realized it was smoothly round and scaly. i had a very strong urge to grab ahold of it but resisted that as who knows if they bite or what!

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