Thursday, November 6, 2008

trying to kill the mold

We arrived here about 6pm after a really safe ride in a Puerto Vallarta taxi. Decided just to bite the bullet and pay for the convenience of a taxi to our doorstep (well not quite as i explain later). We got behind a super slow old truck. Our driver was a nice older guy and valued his life and ours quite a bit it seemed as he didn't pass the thing though cars and trucks piling up behind took every opportunity to pass both our taxi and the truck. i told the driver in my bad espanol that this was just fine, i liked his cautiousness.

This cautioness was not a plus when we actually got to calle oceano atlantico though. Its a rough dirt road and our house is at the end of it. The last two blocks of it were a mess. I guess about a week ago the water company came up and dug a big ditch alongside this road leaving a 3foot pile of dirt in one of the wheel tracks of the road. Vehicles have to drive in the remaining track and in the weeds to the side of the road. Not that bad really but it looked pretty scary to our driver. After he drove us about half way down to our house, leaving us probably a 500 yard walk with our loads of heavy baggage, he said no he just couldn't go any farther. sigh. Kris paid him and we set off with a dim flashlight and a couple of lighter pieces of the luggage along the rocky road toward our house. The neighbors dog heard us and started barking furiously which alterted our neighbors who came to their gate to see what was out there. At any rate they ended up driving their car up to our luggage and helping Kris get it down here.

Inside our living area, the lower part of the house, we discovered (not really to our surprise too much though) everything covered more or less with mold and rank mold smell in all the rooms. Not having enough time or energy to do much about this, we made up the bed in the upper level guest room and called it good for the night. Walked down the hill to find a restuarant but were so tired we opted to get some bread, cheese, milk and cereal and took a taxi back up the hill. (ye we had to walk a couple of blocks at the top but at least it is flat up here)

Photos are of all the bedding etc we are trying to get the mold smell out of. All if this said, it is still wonderful to be here. There are more bananas on the trees than I've ever seen. My plumeria is starting to bloom (after a couple of years looking like a dead stick tree!), bouganvillas thick and healthy looking, butterflys everywhere, and best of all the warmth ad blue sky and lovely greenery everywhere.

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