Monday, November 17, 2008

Today was a very good day. We hired a ponga to take us to the island that is right out in jaltemba bay in front of la penita. nice ride out there. we arranged for him to pick us up 4 hours later. we took lunch, beach umbrella, snorkel gear, etc. there is a small sand beach there at high tide line then about a 5 foot stretch of small rounded rocks then a strip of firm white sand . the tide went out during the day so this strip went from about 30feet wide to maybe 50. the water there was very clear and a lovely turquoise over the sand and deep blue out further toward town. we were on the lee side of the island so it was very calm most of the day for snorkeling. there are a lot of rocks and in front of the bay that attract various neat colorful fish. i have no idea the names of them but tiny deep blue ones, ones with yellow stripes, a black one with neon blue spots, etc. lots and lots. the water is so warm you never get cold. too neat.

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Esther said...

Ahhh this sounds so good...I wish I was there with's rainy and cold in Holland...

Good to hear you are having a great time.